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What human shampoo does to your pet skin?

  Pets have always been an amusement for humans and they are a family to us. Like human beings, pets are also taken special care of hygiene and health. Bathing is common practice being observed in pets in order to keep their coat shine and to protect them from dirt and odor free. But, there […]

Ways to Calm an Aggressive Cat

Other than issues with using the litterbox, most cat owners report aggression to be the biggest problems in their pet in terms of behavior. Aggression isn’t just something that affects your cat – an aggressive cat can cause serious injuries and harm to you or your family members. The steps below will help you better […]

How to make your cat okay with human touch?

There are few of the tips through which you can make your cat fine with your touch Let your cat approach you: It’s always advisable to let your cat come to you. If cats come to you, extend your hand towards cat. If your cat sniffs your hand, meows and rub her head against your […]

Fruits good for your dog and cats

Fruits are an important part of human diet but their benefits are not limited to human health. They can also be given to pets which results in good health of pet but there are only some fruits you can give to your pets Apple: Apple without seeds and core are an excellent source of vitamin […]

How treats attract dog?

Treats mostly in the form of biscuits or sticks are your dog’s most favorite thing to eat. They are mostly given at the time of training. Mostly it is a food treat.   Treats are made up of different kind of foods which are delicious for dogs. Dogs sense of smell is far way much […]

What your cat tail position is saying you?

Though your pet cant talk to you but still there are some tool your pet uses to communicate with you. The most important tool for pets to communicate with their owners is tail. The article contains a slight information from where you can get idea what your cat is trying to tell you by motion […]

Human Foods that are Dangerous for cats

Cats are part of our family ,So it is  natural to  share our food with them .Although your cat may not be interested in a lot of thing you eat . She still craves for many things you eat. Human foods usually cause several symptoms in your cat. 1)Vomiting 2)Diarrhea 3)loss of appetite These some […]

Why your cat is urinating outside the litter box?

Litter box helps your cat refraining from urinating in several place. Litter box must always be kept clean.Though a litter box provides your cat a medium to urinate, there are some possibilities that your cat can still urinate outside the litter box.   Medical Issue:  There are few of the medical issues in which your […]

Do you know why your pet scratches its ear more than usual??

What is ear scratching in pets? A pet scratching its ear is giving a sign that ear mites have invaded its ears. This tiny parasite will cause the pet to shake its head and scratches its ears. Usually this case is also accompanied by unpleasant odour coming out of its ears and sometimes blood too. […]

Here’s What Your Cat’s Whiskers Actually Do

  If there’s one way that all cats are similar to each other, it is because they all have whiskers. Regardless of your cat’s breed or age, whiskers are an important part of almost every cat’s lives. Read on for a better understanding on how whiskers can help your cat! What are cat whiskers? A […]