How to make your cat okay with human touch?

There are few of the tips through which you can make your cat fine with your touch

  • Let your cat approach you:

It’s always advisable to let your cat come to you. If cats come to you, extend your hand towards cat. If your cat sniffs your hand, meows and rub her head against your head, it means she likes to be friend with you otherwise if she shows no interest, it is better to leave her.

  • Cat will jump on your lap if she likes you.

If the cat jump on your lap, pat her to get more friendly with you.


If you pat the cat and she purrs, it means she is getting friendly with you. The more the sound of purring, the more is the level of intimacy of cat with you.

Areas where to pat the cat:

  • Chin:

Your cat always loves to pat on the chin more than any other spot in her body but have you ever wondered why it is so? Your cat has special scent glands in her chin. When you rub your cat in the chin, these special type of scent glands will produce a special type of chemical substance which will help your cat to mark its territory and it will also help your cat to make an association with her owner.

  • Area between or behind the ears:

The reason is the same mentioned above that is the presence of scent glands and because of this reason cats love to be pat here

  • Area behind the whiskers:

This is the place from where you can understand that if your cat really likes your patting. If your cat is loving your patting, her whiskers will move forward.

  • Along the side of the face:

Patting on this side is enjoyable because scent glands are also present here which is used to show their association. Cats use these scent glands to make communication with its surrounding.

  • Patting along the backside of the body:

Cats usually show their attachment or love for a certain person through their tail position. If cat has love for you, it will be shown by touching her tail with you.

Areas where you should not pat the cat.

  • Belly:

The cat perceives her belly as a most sensitive area for her. A touch on a belly area of a cat will be taken as a danger by her. She thinks that all her vital organs are located in her belly, so any touch can be a danger to her.

  • Paws:

Paws are means of movement for them. They usually use their paws to move. If you touch her paw, she will think that you are stopping her to move from one place to another or you are putting a restriction on her and for this very reason, she will not allow you to touch her paws