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Heat Stroke in Animals and Its Prevention

As the summer approaches, it’s expected that just like you, your pet may be feeling hotter than usual. The days will be longer, with animals spending more time in higher temperatures.   In such harsh and hot weather, your pet can be prone to experiencing ‘heat stroke’. Heat stroke is a form of hypothermia. When […]

Pet Ear Care – importance, identifying infections & how to clean them

  We’ve all heard the fact that cats and dogs can hear much more frequencies of sounds than humans. For them, ears are some of the most sensitive yet distinctive body parts.   So, learning how to clean them is not only a handy skill that will fulfill your pets grooming needs, but it also […]

Why are Complete Vaccinations Necessary for Pets?

Nowadays, the word vaccination is one that everyone is familiar with. They have long-played a role in disease control and dealing with epidemics and pandemics.   Immunizations or vaccines are essentially small injections of a killed virus/ bacteria that activate the immune system’s antibodies to fight against an infectious disease. They can only prevent a […]

Essential First-Aid Tips that can Help Save your Pets Life

  Let’s say your dog breaks its bone while playing, or your cat gets injured in a street fight. In such instances, having some idea about animal first aid can prove to be very useful.   What is pet first aid?   First aid is usually the first, immediate form of treatment or help you […]

Fun Indoor Games to Play with Your Dog

Occasionally referred to as ‘‘man’s best friend’’, dogs make great companions.   Not to mention that their IQ is the equivalent of a 2-2.5 year old human child and that they can understand up to 250 words and even interpret human feelings!   Playtime is a great way to get to know your pet and […]

Signs Of Depression In Cats You Shouldn’t Ignore

While our pet’s physical well-being is important, their mental state should not be ignored either. Many animals suffer from stress, anxiety and even depression and there are subtle signs for these illnesses.   Depression in cats may be due to various reasons including: Losing a partner or companion pet Being away from owners Unfamiliar environments […]

Reasons for early mortality in infants and how to manage it

As adorable infant kittens and puppies are, the sad reality of how many of them die each year should not be ignored. With the rise of pet overpopulation , many of them do not get a chance at life.    In any litter of animals, some infants dying is always expected and inevitable. Generally, purebred […]

Top PET Clinic in Lahore

People are interested to keep animals at home, especially kids who love to play with them. But what, if proper care of animal health and hygiene is not retained, it can cause illness to the animal as well as the treating person. They need a routine checkup from a professional veterinary doctor for good health. […]

The Reasons Why Your Cat is Not Eating and What Possibly You Can Do

The Reasons Why Your Cat is Not Eating and What Possibly You Can Do? Unlike dogs, cats have very peculiar behaviour, probably you have seen a dog and a cat in one picture depicting the personality difference. When it comes to food and appetite the situation becomes nasty for the pet parents, as the cat […]

10 Essentials of Cat Care | Pet clinic in Lahore | Best Online Pet store

10 Essentials of Cat Care Felines make incredible buddies. In addition to the fact that they look great, they additionally ward mice off and have worked in engines. That is truly cool. In any case, there’s something else entirely to owning a feline than having an adorable, delicate, murmuring friend. Before you get one, there […]