How treats attract dog?

Treats mostly in the form of biscuits or sticks are your dog’s most favorite thing to eat. They are mostly given at the time of training. Mostly it is a food treat.


Treats are made up of different kind of foods which are delicious for dogs. Dogs sense of smell is far way much better than human and upon smelling their favorite food they rush to it. Dogs contain almost 300 million smell receptors in their nose owning to which they attract to their favorite food even from a distance. The other reason for attracting towards treat is that dogs like human beings also like the appreciation. Upon getting treat, they consider it an appreciation. But remember, treats sometimes also  contain calories so they should only be used for training purpose.

Treats basically is a way to make strongest bond with your dog and make him your obedient.

Your dog treat should be:


Made of baby carrot, green bean that contains no calories. Among fruits it can contain banana slices, berries, water melon without seeds and apple slices without seeds and must be peeled off.

Made of meat, chicken

Your dog treat should not be:

Hard like bones, hooves

Contain more than 10% calories. Though it may contain cheese and peanut butter but it must be sugar free.

A chocolate, an ice cream and any other dairy product