What your cat tail position is saying you?

Though your pet cant talk to you but still there are some tool your pet uses to communicate with you. The most important tool for pets to communicate with their owners is tail.
The article contains a slight information from where you can get idea what your cat is trying to tell you by motion and position of its tail
Iam happy to meet you:
A straight tail position means your cat is happy to see you, some other person or other animal.
Iam so excited to meet you:
If your cats tail is quivering , it means she is excited to meet you or someone else.
Iam not sure about you:
A straight tail with hook at the end means that cat is not sure about a certain person. Her confidence is not developed on a certain person and the hook refers to question mark that should i trust you.
Iam angry :
A straight tail or a brushed tail is an indication that your cat is afraid, angry or is not happy to meet certain person or certain animal.
Lets be friend:
A straight and flat tail behind cats back is an indication that cat wants to be a friend with you.
Iam worried:
This type of gesture is usually indicated by a tail position which is bent and is between the legs.
Iam yours obedient:
A tail under belly is an indication that cat considers you an authority and is willing to follow your leads.
Hmm…. Thats interesting:
A straight tail away from body is an indication that cat is interested in a person and her surroundings.

Iam upset:

A cat sitting on a ground and moving her tail usually indicates that she is upset over a certain thing which is happening in her surroundings and she may also be disturbed because of certain person.