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Reasons for early mortality in infants and how to manage it

As adorable infant kittens and puppies are, the sad reality of how many of them die each year should not be ignored. With the rise of pet overpopulation , many of them do not get a chance at life.    In any litter of animals, some infants dying is always expected and inevitable. Generally, purebred […]

Planning for Your Pet – What Will They Do if Something Happens to Me?

The average cat or dog has a far shorter lifespan than that of their human owners, and so, many of us are confronted with the knowledge that our pets may pass away in our lifetimes. While this reality is heartbreaking, one aspect we rarely consider is what can happen in the opposite situation – what […]

5 Reasons Stray Animals Make the Best Pets

There are millions of stray animals out there – some consider them beautiful, others think of them as a nuisance to be removed. However, a movement is springing up that encourages people to, instead of buying pedigreed dogs and cats, opt for rescuing or adopting a stray animal instead. This brings up the question – […]

Keeping Your Cat Warm This Winter

Winters are coming up faster than we could imagine, and as the time of the year comes by when we bundle up, pull out the hot drinks, and fire up our heaters, every cat owner out there must be thinking – is my cat getting too cold? If this thought has crossed yoru mind, you […]

Do you know why your pet scratches its ear more than usual??

What is ear scratching in pets? A pet scratching its ear is giving a sign that ear mites have invaded its ears. This tiny parasite will cause the pet to shake its head and scratches its ears. Usually this case is also accompanied by unpleasant odour coming out of its ears and sometimes blood too. […]

Why and how to get your pet neutered or spayed?

Many people are fond of keeping pets in their houses. But there are some people who keep pets just for the sake of business and making money. They increase the population of animals, and when a new born is not of people’s interest, they just leave it in the street where they struggle for life […]