Do you know why your pet scratches its ear more than usual??

What is ear scratching in pets?

A pet scratching its ear is giving a sign that ear mites have invaded its ears. This tiny parasite will cause the pet to shake its head and scratches its ears. Usually this case is also accompanied by unpleasant odour coming out of its ears and sometimes blood too.



What are ear mites?

Otodectes Cynotis, commonly called ear mites are common parasitic infection that can affect your pet. They are tiny eight legged parasites that feed on the wax and oil in an ear  canal. An individual mite has life cycle of three weeks and can barely be seen by naked eye. If left untreated, it produces a coffee like debris.

Ear mites can be passed through pet to pet at usual contact at home or outside. Ear mites are more common in outdoor cats which can be passed to their canine companion. Human are generally immune to ear mites.


What are signs of ear mites infection?

  • Scratching around ears, head and neck.
  • Head Shaking
  • Thick red brown or black crust in the outer ear
  • Coffee ground like bumps in ear canal.
  • A foul odour from the ears.
  • Abrasions and scratches on the backside of the ear.
  • Crusting and scale on the neck, rump and tail.



Is ear mite dangerous?

Ear mites in dogs can led to rupture of blood vessel in dogs ear flap as a result of intense scratching. This will cause the ear flap to appear swollen.

It can cause internal ear canal infection and can cause ear nerve damage that lead to permanent body imbalance in pets.

How to save pet from ear mites?

  • Maintain the proper hygiene and clean your pets ear twice a week
  • In case your pet has got ear mites, you have Pets World hospital to get it treated.


How to diagnose ear mites in your pet?

  • Cotton swabs
  • Skin scraping
  • Microscope