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How road accidents harm so many animals – and how you can help

Road accidents are one of the most common occurrences that take place in developed cities with large amounts of traffic and vehicles. While the media takes into great account the road accidents that kill many hundreds of citizens each year, they often ignore the consequences these have on animal populations, such as stray cats, dogs […]

Heat Stroke in Animals and Its Prevention

As the summer approaches, it’s expected that just like you, your pet may be feeling hotter than usual. The days will be longer, with animals spending more time in higher temperatures.   In such harsh and hot weather, your pet can be prone to experiencing ‘heat stroke’. Heat stroke is a form of hypothermia. When […]

Pet Ear Care – importance, identifying infections & how to clean them

  We’ve all heard the fact that cats and dogs can hear much more frequencies of sounds than humans. For them, ears are some of the most sensitive yet distinctive body parts.   So, learning how to clean them is not only a handy skill that will fulfill your pets grooming needs, but it also […]

Managing Motion Sickness in Pets

Managing Motion Sickness in Pets   Reasons for motion sickness Symptoms of motion sickness How to help and prevent it  Remedies or medications   Let’s say you’ve planned a vet appointment or a nice day at the park with your pet. You settle them in the car seat (or in their crate). The engine starts, […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Know About Your Pet’s Feelings

How well do you think you usually know how your pet is feeling? Is it angry? Or is it just anxious?   Of course, you cannot completely understand what goes on in your pet’s mind. But body language is a powerful tool which can help you know about their feelings. This is their special way […]

What does an Unhealthy Diet for Cats & Dogs Look Like?

Whenever you get a new pet, you will find yourself asking questions like “What should I feed my cat?” and “Will this food poison my dog?’’   Afterall, there is nothing more rewarding than seeing your pet well-fed and happy.   Feeding is a great aspect of animal care and it is no secret that […]

Why are Complete Vaccinations Necessary for Pets?

Nowadays, the word vaccination is one that everyone is familiar with. They have long-played a role in disease control and dealing with epidemics and pandemics.   Immunizations or vaccines are essentially small injections of a killed virus/ bacteria that activate the immune system’s antibodies to fight against an infectious disease. They can only prevent a […]

Cat or Dog Bites: How to deal with them

Whether it is a stray dog or a house cat, animal bites can prove to be harmful for humans. But the good news is that with some necessary steps, you can easily treat or even avoid these usual injuries.   Cat Bites:   Cats have sharp teeth that can puncture the skin easily. Since they […]

How to make your own DIY Pet First-aid Box

How to make your own DIY Pet First-aid Box   How would you care for your cat if it fell off a height? Or if your dog gets burned while playing in your kitchen?   In these situations, we should be thoughtful about first-aid. This can help save your buddy’s life.   First aid is […]

Essential First-Aid Tips that can Help Save your Pets Life

  Let’s say your dog breaks its bone while playing, or your cat gets injured in a street fight. In such instances, having some idea about animal first aid can prove to be very useful.   What is pet first aid?   First aid is usually the first, immediate form of treatment or help you […]