Why your cat is urinating outside the litter box?

Litter box helps your cat refraining from urinating in several place. Litter box must always be kept clean.Though a litter box provides your cat a medium to urinate, there are some possibilities that your cat can still urinate outside the litter box.


  • Medical Issue: 
  • There are few of the medical issues in which your cat will pee outside the issue because they associate the box with pain when urinating. Following are the problems in which your cat will urinate outside the litter box.
    Urinary Tract Infection.
    Bladder Infection.
    Urinary Crystals.
    Solution: In case you have any of the above mentioned reason in your mind, an immediate visit to the vet can solve the issue.


  • Hormonal Issue:
    Some females will urinate to advertise that they are on heat. In case of males, they spray to mark their territory.
    Solution: Spay or neuter your pet in order to avoid this situation.
    Cute cat in plastic litter box on floor
  • Problems with the litter location and its types:
    Sometimes your cat is not happy with the placement of litter and with its types. A hard to reach cat litter is sometimes the reason your cat urinate outside the litter box. More over sometimes a scented litter can also be the problem.
    Solution: Try placing a litter in a nearby bathroom, hallway. Moreover an unscented fine grain litter is best for the cats.
  • An unclean litter box:  Mostly an unclean litter is the reason that your cat urinate outside the litter. Remember that cat sense of smell and hygiene is far way better than humans.
    Solution: Scoop the litter every day or multiple times a day if you have multiple cats in home.
  • Multiple Cats in the home: 
    When there are multiple cats in the home, they will bully each other to get into litter box
    Solution: Place multiple litter box in multiple rooms.


  • Stress and anxiety:
    In case of any stress or anxiety, a cat will urinate anywhere except litter because a cat smell her own urine to make her feel safer.
    Solution: In case if you find any such reason, try to find out the basic cause and calm your cat as much as you can.