Fruits good for your dog and cats

Fruits are an important part of human diet but their benefits are not limited to human health. They can also be given to pets which results in good health of pet but there are only some fruits you can give to your pets

Apple: Apple without seeds and core are an excellent source of vitamin A and C for your pet which are necessary for healthy bones and tissues.

Apricot: Full of potassium and beta-carotene which is effective against cancer

Banana: Good source of potassium and is effective against heart and kidney.

Blue berries: Prevent cell and tissue damage. It also prevents urinary tract infections. It is antioxidant in nature.

Mango: Good source of vitamin but make sure to remove its middle pit as it is poisonous.

Orange: Good for immune system and remove the toxins. Only its pulp part should be given to pets with seeds, peel, leaves or stem removed.

Pear: Good source of vitamin A and C but its seeds and peel should be removed.

Pineapple: Good for digestion and immune system but only its pulp part should be given

Strawberries: It strengthen the immune system.

Watermelon: Contains Vit A,C , B6 and potassium which is good for muscle and nerve function.