What human shampoo does to your pet skin?


Pets have always been an amusement for humans and they are a family to us. Like human beings, pets are also taken special care of hygiene and health. Bathing is common practice being observed in pets in order to keep their coat shine and to protect them from dirt and odor free. But, there are special shampoo which only be used for pets.


Most of the people use human shampoo to bath their pet which is never recommended and which produces pronounced bad effects on the skin. The major reason of not using human shampoo on the pet skin is the difference of human and pet skin.

Human skin has a slight acidic ph of 5.5 whereas the cat and dog skin has an alkaline ph of 7.5.

The ingredients of pet shampoo differ from human shampoo. Pet shampoo has a specific type of ingredients which are meant to deal with the alkaline  ph. The basic aim of any pet shampoo usage is to keep the coat shiny. For this sake, pet shampoo mostly contains lactic acid and glycerine, which human shampoo lacks. Along with the lactic acid and glycerine, it also contains almond oil. These ingredients keep the coat shiny and soft. Along with that, they also remove the dirt from your pets’ skin. These basic ingredients are lacked from human shampoo so using the human shampoo on your pet skin will damage his coat and all of the shine and lust will be lost.

The other reason linked with the ph. is also the layer on the skin. This layer is commonly called acid mantle. Acid mantle is a acidic layer and it covers the stratum corneum which protects the skin from viruses and bacteria. This acidic layer is adjustable with the human’s skin Ph and human shampoos are specifically designed with this agenda. Human shampoos are mostly made with acidic components which will never harm humans skin layer. In case of pets, if we use human shampoo, the acid mantle on the pet skin will be disrupted which will allow all the viruses, bacteria to grow on the skin and causing skin problems.

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