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Keeping Your Cat Warm This Winter

Winters are coming up faster than we could imagine, and as the time of the year comes by when we bundle up, pull out the hot drinks, and fire up our heaters, every cat owner out there must be thinking – is my cat getting too cold? If this thought has crossed yoru mind, you […]

Here’s What Your Cat’s Whiskers Actually Do

  If there’s one way that all cats are similar to each other, it is because they all have whiskers. Regardless of your cat’s breed or age, whiskers are an important part of almost every cat’s lives. Read on for a better understanding on how whiskers can help your cat! What are cat whiskers? A […]

Top most famous cats breeds in Pakistan

Cats are among the most loving and loyal animals. But they require proper care and time for their good health. Most of the people keep cats as a pet. Keeping cat as a pet comes with a number of responsibilities like providing them with proper hygienic conditions. But keeping cat as a pet is easier […]