Why and how to get your pet neutered or spayed?

Many people are fond of keeping pets in their houses. But there are some people who keep pets just for the sake of business and making money. They increase the population of animals, and when a new born is not of people’s interest, they just leave it in the street where they struggle for life and food and most of the times, they die. Such people are not animal lovers, and should stop keeping pets. They just put animal’s life in danger. Pets need proper care and love, and they deserve it.

What is spaying or neutering?

The process in which male reproductive organs (testicles) are removed so that they can not impregnate female, is known as neutering, also known as castration. And the process in which female reproductive organs are removed so that can not get pregnant is known as spaying, also known as ovario-hysterectomy. There are some people who prefer anti-heat injections as well, but these injections has worse effect on your pet’s health and internal organs, they also become susceptible to many other diseases. Sometimes, in case of female pet, they might get puss in their uterus which leads to a very severe or sometimes fatal infection.

Keeping pets neutered or spayed have a healthy impact on their life. They keep you happy and they love you unconditionally. So it is our responsibility to take care of them at any cost. Every pet needs proper health care. When your pet reaches at a special age, you must get them neutered or spayed. The question is “Why should we get our pet neutered or spayed?” There are a lot of benefits of it, both medically and physically.  This does not only improves your pet’s health but also increases their life span.

First of all, here we are going to mention some reasons that why should be a pet get spayed or neutered?

Health is improved

Neutering or spaying has a positive effect on your pet’s health. Their health will be improved; they will become more active in their daily routine.

Saved from many diseases

Spaying or neutering your pet before they enter in their adult life or before their first heat cycle, protects your pet from many diseases, which may include cancerous diseases, some prostate problems and uterus diseases as well.

Live Long and happy life

The most important benefit of neutering or spaying your pet is that they will ultimately live longer and happy life. As they will be less affected by disease, so their average life span will also increase. It has been reported that a spayed and neutered pet lives almost 2-3 more years then their life span.

No aggressive behavior problems

This is one of the biggest problems, when your pet enters their heat cycle, they will become really very aggressive for mating. And if you do not allow them to mate, they will make your life miserable. As in case of cat, when she is on heat, she will shout all the time and will not even let you sleep. She will stop loving you, she will start acting like a Wild cat and in case of male cat, and he will start to spray urine at different spots, marking his territory, to attract other female cats. After your pet is neutered or spayed, all of these problems will come to an end.

No more wandering

When a pet is not neutered or spayed, they try to escape the house, whenever they get a chance. Especially when they are on heat. But as soon as they get sterilized, they will not need to go outside. They will become more loving and will remain around you.

No worries for litter

After spaying or neutering, you don’t have to worry about litter. Some people say that surgery is very expensive, but they should keep those expenses in mind which they are unable to afford when their pet gets affected by any disease. The chances of their life being at risk get decreased. You do not need to worry about the over-population.

Peace-pact with your neighbors

There will be no fighting with your neighbors on controlling your pet type issues. The shouting and aggressive behavior of your pet make your neighbors sick of them

Less homeless pets

As over-population of animals is controlled by spaying or neutering, it will also reduce the amount of homeless pets. Homeless pets have to face a lot of difficulties for their survival and food. And they are more susceptible to death mostly because of road accidents or lack of food for them. According to a research, only in USA, about 6-7 million homeless pets are living in shelters, yearly.

When to spay or neuter your pet?

The best time to spay or neuter your pet is before they get in their adult stage of life or before they get in to their first heat cycle.

How to get your pet neutered or spayed?

There are many animal hospitals available which are offering surgeries for your pets. The team of PetsWorld Hospital is currently working with an NGO, and offering very low and cheap rate spaying and neutering under TNR project.

 Brief procedure

Generally, the first step of neutering or spaying is giving anesthesia to your pet, in which a medication shot is given to make your pet sleepy. The heart rate of your pet is monitored. Mostly, surgery is done on a heating blanket, to make your pet comfortable. In female, an incision is made just under the belly button on abdomen. Ovaries, uterus and reproductive tract are completely removed and then that incision is closed by two layers of stitches. These stiches are absorbed by the body over time.

Stop believing on Myths!

Some people think that their pet their pet will become fat after surgery, but that’s what it is, A Myth.  Your pet will spend the rest of it life in a very comfortable environment. So if you are thinking that you can take care of litters, throughout your life, then you are just saying this for your own satisfaction.

Do not listen people and go for neutering or spaying your pet if you love them with all your heart, and live a happy and relaxed life afterwards!

What is TNR?

TNR is a Trap, Neuter and Release project that is officially Launched by PetsWorld & Uk Based NGO, which provides you surgery of your pet under sterilized and de-contaminated environment. There are no medical services charges, just medication charges are applied. Our friendly and co-operative team will satisfy you with our capabilities. Your pet will be in safe and sound hands. And you will definitely not regret your decision of choosing PetsWorld Hospital.

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