Keeping Your Cat Warm This Winter

Winters are coming up faster than we could imagine, and as the time of the year comes by when we bundle up, pull out the hot drinks, and fire up our heaters, every cat owner out there must be thinking – is my cat getting too cold? If this thought has crossed yoru mind, you must inevitably be thinking about how you can keep your furry friend comfortable, warm, and safe this winter season. Here are some helpful tips you can use to understand how your cat’s temperature regulation works, and what you can do to keep him or her warm.

Temperature regulation in cats:

Cats have a fascinating mechanism of temperature regulation, which works somewhat differently than humans. Because cats have a fur coat that is meant to help keep them warm in the winters, they have some protection against the cold. However, this doesn’t mean our furry friends are completely immune to cooler temperatures. While your cat can likely keep itself warm through the winter months by growing its winter coat, cuddling, and curling up to retain heat, he or she will likely need a warm, safe environment to stay healthy and safe from risks.

Ways you can keep your cat warm:

So, you’re going to have to intervene to keep your kitty warm. Here are some small things you can do to make sure your cat is cozied up for the winter:

  1. Heated beds, blankets, or perches: the pet care industry is full of fascinating new products which include features allowing for heating – these will keep your pet warm even in the most adverse climates, and because cats love a nice warm space to lie on, they will most likely be drawn towards these products. It’s a wonderful investment, and your cozied-up cat will thank you later!
  2. Let the sun in during the day: winter mornings offer the most wonderful chance to enjoy the soft and warm sunlight. Just like humans, cats love basking in the sun. It’s a cost-effective way of keeping both you and your cat warm, and it’ll probably offer him or her the chance to play-hunt the birds in the view of the window for a little bit of activity in the lazy winter days.
  3. Make sure your cat is healthy with regular checkups: as a pet owner, you should know good care will help your cat build immunity and stay healthier. Visit your vet every few months for a checkup and keep up with vaccinations and deworming. For more information, you can reach out to us at PetsWorld, bringing to you the expertise of reliable vets in Lahore.
  4. Cuddle and spend quality time: most cat owners acknowledge the fact that cats are often friendlier and cuddlier during the winter months. This is because your pet is probably seeking some warmth (and love, of course!) during the colder time of the year. This offers you a perfect opportunity to encourage friendliness with your cat, and to deepen your bond for the better!

You can also refer to PetsWorld for updates, booking information, and all the products needed to keep your kitty safe this winters!