5 Reasons Stray Animals Make the Best Pets

There are millions of stray animals out there – some consider them beautiful, others think of them as a nuisance to be removed. However, a movement is springing up that encourages people to, instead of buying pedigreed dogs and cats, opt for rescuing or adopting a stray animal instead. This brings up the question – can stray animals even make good pets? Our answer is a resounding yes, and here are five reasons to back up this claim.  

You can help save a life:

Before we talk about any reason to adopt a stray dog or cat over a pedigreed one, the biggest justification for this practice is that it is the right thing to do. It helps save the lives of these animals, and offers them a shot at quality of life that is beyond what they could ever manage while living on the streets. Animals that live indoors as pets are healthier, live longer lives, and are generally happier and more content. While not every stray animal out there is immediately ready to join a home, every single one of them deserves that chance at a happy life. 

You are in for a unique and powerful journey:

Unlike pedigreed animals that have been studied to the T, stray animals are full of beautiful surprises, plot twists, and moments that will warm your heart. Stray animals are often cross-breeds, meaning they take on unique characteristics, personalities, and appearances, and it’s always a joy to see these animals grow into fantastic adults, especially when they do so in the care of their forever home. 

You can create deep bonds:

Animals that have lived on the street, when adopted, do something very unique and special. Often, owners of rescues say they often feel as though their pet expresses ‘gratitude’ towards them, which lends into a powerful and strong bond that is rarely ever found. Stray animals typically experience a difficult life – they may have felt the harshest colds, experiences cruelty from humans, or been constantly scared and anxious. This is why, when they will enter your home, they will never let you forget that you have now made a friend for life. 

You can set a good example:

Research indicates that being around animals at a young age will help children grow into kind, empathetic, and compassionate people. This is especially true for children that grow up around rescues that can offer the kind of deep bond mentioned above. Not only that, as a parent, you can show your child how to be kind to animals on the street, and carry forward the work that animal activists work day and night for.

You can disrupt dangerous breeding practices:

Animal breeding is a booming industry – one that can, if it goes unregulated – be extremely dangerous and harmful. If you are an avid animal lover that sees unlicensed breeding as dangerous, a great way to disrupt such businesses is to instead adopt a stray animal. It doesn’t cost anything, it’s the right thing to do, and the breeding industry will have one less customer. It’s a win-win!

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