Planning for Your Pet – What Will They Do if Something Happens to Me?

The average cat or dog has a far shorter lifespan than that of their human owners, and so, many of us are confronted with the knowledge that our pets may pass away in our lifetimes. While this reality is heartbreaking, one aspect we rarely consider is what can happen in the opposite situation – what will happen to our pets in the case that we pass away or are incapacitated somehow? While this topic may be daunting and frightening to think about, we owe it to our little ones to consider and create a plan should such a situation occur.

Ensuring our pets safety – in sickness and in health:

In most cases, when someone passes away unexpectedly, or immediately falls ill, their pets may be neglected as a priority in the aftermath. While this can be an understandable misgiving, it can cause severe trauma, neglect, and even harm to your pet. As such, you can make arrangements ahead of time in case anything goes wrong, and entrust them to either a family member, friend, or even your lawyer. For example:

  1. Decide who the caregivers of your pets will be should something happen to you – almost like their ‘godparents’. Your neighbors, and family should know who these caregivers are so they can be contacted should anything happen to you.
  2. When choosing caregivers, there are some things to consider – whether they can afford your pet’s care, whether they can keep him or her temporarily or permanently, and whether or not they already have pets to care for. All of these factors will impact who you think is a good fit for your pet.
  3. Place emergency stickers/notices on the outside of your house so in case of an accident or natural disasters, rescuers also know to look for your pet.
  4. Always have disaster preparedness kits ready for your pet, including food, water, necessary medications, healthcare information, and their passport.
  5. Always let your vet know who the caregiver is, and vice versa, to ensure a smooth transition of care in case of an emergency. If you are looking for a reliable vet service in Lahore, please feel free to reach out to PetsWorld.
  6. Create a pet care fund: it is always a smart idea to keep some money tucked away in a fund to cater to your pet in case of emergency. This will help lessen the burden on the caregiver and can ensure that the quality of life your pet is used to can continue on in the case of an accident or an unprecedented circumstance.

How do I make these arrangements?

While you may be thinking of reaching out to your friends and family to act as the caregiver, do keep in mind that verbal agreements are not necessarily a solid plan that will ensure that your pet is kept safe. It is almost always encouraged that the agreement be formalized, in the presence of a lawyer and be signed onto by the caregivers so no stone is left unturned when it comes to your pet’s care.

While thinking about leaving your pet alone in a cold, dark world can be scary, there are measures that you can take to ensure that he or she gets the best possible care, no matter what happens to you, your home, or your health.