What Paracetamol does to your pet?

Paracetamol is a common pain reliever which is commonly used in humans.Almost all the drugs used in humans are also used in animals but there are few drugs which are not recommended for use in pets among which paracetamol is the most commonly reported.

Why paracetamol is not recommended in pets.?

In humans, within the liver, a metabolic pathway called glucuronide conjugation occurs in liver in which the drugs are broken down by the glucronyl transferase. Cats and dogs lack this pathway.Owing to this fact,paracetamol is not broken down into its metabolites This causes damage to their red blood cells and causes a syndrome called methaemaglobinaemia where the tongue and gums turn brown chocolate.This is also accompanied with irreversible damage to liver and kidney.

Clinical Signs:


Decreased apetite

Labored breathing

Swollen faces and neck

Swelling of the limbs


Brownish gums



In case of paracetamol poisoning,seek veterinary assistance immediately