Why dog is attached to one person more than other?

  ” A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” Dogs are the best friends of human.They are the symbol of affection,loyalty and are used for security purposes. Yet, among all, dog loves a specific person more than others. Have you ever wondered why is it so?

Early socialization:

Whenever a dog comes at a family, he is welcomed warmly but with the passage of time, the amount of affection, love and attachment is reduced to zero which sometimes end in worst result which are mostly found in the form of negligence, sick health of your pet and sometimes being abandoned at times. As per said by Kinky Fried man, “ Money can make you fine dog but only love can make him wag his tail” Early socialization means the time of birth to  six months of dogs life. During the first six months of life, when dog is a puppy, he is very receptive and can pick things very quickly. During this time, whoever will take care of the dog and will spend maximum time with him will be very dear to the dog. During this time, all the events faced by dog will have a influence on his mind for whole of his life. At this time, try to be friendly, loving towards your dog. Save him from all the bad experiences, hard instruments, rude treatment.

Attention and Affection:

“My fashion philosophy is, if you are not covered in dogs hair, your life is empty. “(Elayne ) The road to someones heart is attention, affection and the time spent with them. Same Is the case with the animals especially the dog. If you properly feed your dog, love them and look after them, they will be same towards you. They will love you forever and it will improve the bond among you and your dog.

Positive Associations:

Positive associations are the most crucial of all. During the time, when you are training your dog or if he is being trained by someone, make sure that his or her or even yours behavior towards your dog should be polite and friendly. Dont be rude to your pet or don’t hit them for anything being wrong done by them. It will have a bad impact on your dog and he will be scared or either will be defensive towards all humans.It will build an aggressive behavior in them.