The Reasons Why Your Cat is Not Eating and What Possibly You Can Do

The Reasons Why Your Cat is Not Eating and What Possibly You Can Do?

Unlike dogs, cats have very peculiar behaviour, probably you have seen a dog and a cat in one picture depicting the personality difference. When it comes to food and appetite the situation becomes nasty for the pet parents, as the cat refuses to eat. Let’s break down topic for better understanding of potential causes of your cat not eating.

How to asses if your cat is not feeding/having anorexia?

The cat is diagnosed with anorexia if there is a change in their eating behaviour or the cat refuses to eat, if there is an increase or decrease in the food intake. In such situation you should consult the vet nearby you immediately. It is because if food avoidance persists for 24 hours or more, it has very dangerous impact on cat’s health.

There could be an illness?

It is advised to the feline pet parents to take their cat to the veterinarian, because loss of appetite is a key sign that there is something wrong with cat’s health which makes the cat stop eating. Many conditions are responsible like tooth aches and infections, bacterial and viral infections, pancreatitis, intestinal problems, kidney problems and cancer etc.

Change in the cat’s food?

The cats are choosy and sensitive regarding their food, if it is changed then they will not eat it even if they are starved to death. Some pet parents think that like dogs, cats will start eating the new food when they will become too hungry and this is never going to happen. In such situation rush immediately to the veterinarian near you. Always consult with the vet for the food management of your pet.

Post vaccination stress?

The vaccines are the preventive tools to protect your pet from fatal infections. You may have noticed that after a visit to the vet for the vaccination, your pet is not eating. This is one of the common vaccination reactions, but it is only temporary and mild.

Changes in the environment?

If there is any change in the household, addition of new pet in the house or departure of a fellow pet, or there are unfamiliar people in the house can make your cat uncomfortable socially and emotionally and the cat stops eating.


The cats like many people are the creatures of their habit, they don’t like change in their routine. Travelling via car or plane can make the cats uneasy, there can be nausea, vomiting and refusal to eat.



Treatment and Management:

If your pet is not eating then contact with the veterinarian as soon as possible, because if the animal is left unattended it can develop a condition called Hepatic Lipidosis (Fatty Liver Syndrome) which a serious complication that can have grave prognosis.

The vet attends to the pet by providing intra-venous nutrition and liquids to stabilize the patient. If there is vomiting, anti-vomiting drugs are given. In case of any infection upon the diagnosis the causative problem is treated. In severe cases tube feeding can be done to save pet’s life.

If there are problems with the tooth, the problematic tooth is extracted.

What you should do?

Always reach out to a pet clinic and consult the veterinarian about your pet and follow the given advice on providing nourishment to your pet. Besides this you can give such a portion of food which stimulates the appetite such as canned sardines or liver, these foods must be given in moderation only.

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