All you want to know about Catnip

Catnip or catmint , your common domestic kitty just can’t seem to get enough of this fragrant herb. Research shows that cats big and small adore this weedy, invasive member of the mint family.            

Catnip Effects:

Catnip’s charm is in its volatile oil, specifically one chemical in that oil nepetalactone. Found in catnip’s leaves, stems, and seeds, it only takes one or two sniffs of that wondrous oil before your cats are licking, chewing, and rolling head-over-tail in kitty bliss, that bliss is usually short-lived, lasting about 10 minutes for most cats. For some, the euphoria translates into aggressive playfulness. At the same time, it makes others mellow and calm.

Catnip Training:

As cats do respond to catnip again and again, the herb can be a powerful training aid.

Benefits of Catnip:

  • It keeps away your kitty from clawing furniture.
  •  Rub a scratching post with catnip to make it more appealing.
  • Bought a new cat bed? Sprinkle a little of the herb on kitty’s cushion to make it more attractive to your feline friend.
  •  It provides enrichment for an indoor kitty.