Things to keep in mind before adopting a pet

People are really very fond of keeping a pet, but keeping a pet is not an easy task. Adopting a pet comes with many responsibilities including proper care, treatment, routinely check-ups, grooming, vaccination, and their cleaning. Falling in love with a pet is easy but keeping a pet by taking care of all the responsibilities is not quite easy. Sharing your life with your pet is a big decision to make. They need your time at any hour of the day. They will tease you at any time, call you for food, you have to do it or else the consequences will be up to you.

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is that you will never abandon your pet, which is very common now-a-days. When people find or see any other cute, little innocent pet, they forget about their former pet. Remember, animals have feelings too. They observe your every act that how much time you are giving them, or are you paying attention that your pet wants to play with you. There are a lot of things your pet can feel. A pet can feel your emotions like when you are sad, happy, nervous, broken, they understand each and everything; and they do everything in their power to cheer you up!

As you see, your pets will take care of you if you will take care of them!

The first and foremost thing to think before keeping a pet is that “why you want to keep a pet?” There can be a million of reasons but the best reason should be that you are an animal lover. Now here we are going to mention a few things that one must keep in mind before adopting a pet.

Consult a VET before adopting a pet

First you should know about the nature of the animal you are willing to adopt. For this you should consult a VET and get to know about the things to take care of for that particular animal. Your VET will guide you very well that when to visit him or how to take care of your pet.

Will it be in your budget?

This is very important. Keeping a pet can be costly, because you have to take care about a lot of things, like routinely checkups, grooming, vaccination and above all their food. If you are keeping a single pet then you also need to buy some toys for it to play. If you are keeping more than one pet, than they both can give each other company.

Do you have any spare time in your schedule?

Pets need your proper time and attention, so if you do not have any time to take your pet out for a walk to play with it, you should stop thinking about keeping a pet. Pets are very sensitive to keep, they have very deep emotions for their owners and they want you to look after them. If you will not give them time, they can probably get ill. They will also start to remain sad and worried all the time.

Home-friendly pet

Everybody wants to keep a pet that is home-friendly. But think for yourself, when you start to live in a new place, you need a few time to get attached with that place and people. Also you need to become habitual of that place. Same goes with a pet. People want their pet to become friendly instantly as they enter their house. You have to give them some time to adjust their. Give them your love and attention, and they quickly fall in love with you.

Choose the breed and age of the concerned animal

Some people like small size pets, some like huge sized, some like talkative or some like silent natured pets. All these traits are different for different breeds of animals. Some breeds need you attention all the time, some like to love lonely, some are very friendly and some just lives in their own world. It depends upon your life style. If you are a busy person keep a pet that can live lonely and do not need that much attention. For example, Siamese breed in cats needs your attention all the time and are very talkative on the other hand, Persian breed is quite calm and loving. In short, it depends all upon you!

Training of the pet

People say it’s very difficult to train a pet as per your life style, but it’s not as difficult as you think, it’s just time taking and you need to be a patient person. If you think that you can not train a pet, you can adopt an already trained pet, but even then you have to be patient as your pet is going to need some time to adjust itself in new environment.

How to make your pet happy?

You have to keep toys and treats for your pet. It’s not just to make your pet happy, but also to develop trust between you and your pet. Treats and toys will help your pet to become friendly with you. Giving your pet treat, is another way to appreciate them for doing something good or for obeying you.

Keep spaying and neutering in your mind

You must always keep a pet just for your company not for business purpose. Some people just keep pets to make money by selling their babies. To avoid any more litter, you must spay or neuter your pet. Your pet, once become attached with you, will never want to leave you for a life time and for that you need to take care of them by giving them proper care and attention. Spaying and neutering is one of the best options to avoid disturbance in your life, it also increases life span and health of your pet.

Make preparations at your home

Once you decide that you will adopt a pet, you have to make preparations at your home like make a safe place for your pet, where it can feel free. Stock up food supplies, clean-up necessities and bathing accessories. Make preparations for their litter training.

Are you ready for a life time commitment?

Yes, it’s a big decision to make. Some people leave their pet after they become tired of them, when they are no more fun for them. Just remember that your pet have feelings and emotions too. They are living creatures, and need your love and affection. Once you adopt a pet, consider them as your family member and they will think same for you.