Top most famous cats breeds in Pakistan

Cats are among the most loving and loyal animals. But they require proper care and time for their good health. Most of the people keep cats as a pet. Keeping cat as a pet comes with a number of responsibilities like providing them with proper hygienic conditions. But keeping cat as a pet is easier than dogs or other pet animals as cats are independent in most of the tasks. Their love for you is unconditional. They need your attention in return of their affection for you.

There is a wide range of cats breed throughout the world. And to our surprise, all of them possess different characteristics including living style, eating habits and life span. Each breed has different maintenance requirements as well. Some have more furs, so they need more care than other breeds. Here, we will mention some of the most famous cat’s breeds in Pakistan. If you want to adapt a cat, we will help you by describing some of the cat’s breeds. So that you can choose cat of your choice and personality.

Diamond eye Cat – Khao Manee  

These are the cats famous for their unique eyes color. The color of their eyes varies from blue, green, gold to odd eyes. This domestic cat was originated from Thailand and was kept there by the people as a symbol of good fortune. These diamond eyed cats are very attractive, affectionate, communicative and friendly. They like to get what they want by making loud noises.

They like to sleep in their owner’s lap. They have pink lips and paws having white snowy fur. These cats have long athletic legs. These cats want to play different types of games. Some of these cats are born deaf, due to a gene responsible for white coloration of fur, causes damage to cochlea. Because of short hair, these cats do not require much grooming. Hair shed is comparatively less in these cats than other breeds.

Siamese Cats    

Siamese are well known because of their friendly and loyal personality. These cats are very affectionate and bold. The appearance of these cats is cylindrical and quite graceful with elegant neck. Their hind legs are longer than the front ones. This breed of cats is very intelligent and curious with loving nature. They need your attention all the time and observe your every activity. They keep on following you. So if you are a busy person, never keep a Siamese or keep two Siamese so that they give each other company in your absence.

These cats have very mesmerizing eyes with a sapphire blue color. Most of the Siamese kittens are completely white in color at the time of their birth but with the passage of time, they show dark brownish color. Siamese show their proper color at the age of one year. These cats also have attitude, they want you to give them proper attention. These cats are also famous for their high pitch noise. This breed is very playful; they like to play with different types of toys and also like scratching. These are one of the best indoor companions. They love to sit and sleep in your lap, craving for warm places.

Persian Cats 

One of the most famous and beautiful cat breed people likes to adopt in Pakistan. This is because of their large volume of furs, cute face and eyes, sweet voice and pleasant behavior. They usually do not like to disturb their owners if they are busy. They just wait for them to get free and give them time. They need high maintenance and grooming. These glamorous cats have doll face, which gives very cute expression. This breed comes with short legs so they can not jump high. They usually contact by their gaze, love to sit in lap.

These cats are kids friendly, having a life span of almost 10-15 years. Their weight ranges from 7-12 pounds and they do not like loud voices and noises. They like to play with different furry toys. Above all, these cats don’t destroy your house-holdings. They have a patience nature and need proper health care. Because of their long fur, they shed a lot of hairs daily, so you have to comb them at least twice a day. Persian cats come in double and triple coat as well. These cats usually do not like milk, meat or homemade foods. They mostly like to eat feed that is available outside.

Maine Coon Cats  

These cats are kids friendly with a life span same as that of Persian cats. They don’t like strangers and love to be around their owners, observing their every move. These cats have large size having weight of about 10-18 pounds. They reach their full size in about 4-5 years. These cats love to chase moving objects especially mouse. These are not lap cats and like to wander around. These cats are very smart and intelligent with curious nature. They like to play with puzzle toys. These cats have medium length of fur but a very fury tail and need proper care and combing, at least twice a day.

These cats have greenish- golden eyes with warm expressions. Mostly these cats have brown patterns, but to your surprise they also come in white, red and black color as well. Maine coon cats are perfect for a house full of children.

Bengal Cats  

These are the most common cats. These cats are also known as Jungle cats because of their physical appearance. These cats are not delicate at all, and have athletic features with strong muscles. These cats are very playful, affectionate, active and intelligent. Best thing is that these cats are groomed very easily because of their short hairs. They have very less hair shed. Their average lifespan is 11-17 years. These cats are really fun loving, confident and talkative. They can jump very high due to their long legs and being energetic.

These are thought to be street cats, but the love and affection they give to their owners, is immeasurable. These cats like to wander outside the house. They share your bed without any warning. These naughty and human- friendly cats have a nature to observe and touch everything without giving a hint. These cats come in different tabby patterns of white, brown or black color. These cats hardly sit for a longer moment and are always on a mission of doing something. These cats need routinely nails trimming and ear cleaning as well.  If you want to keep your children busy, Bengal cats are best option.

Now, no matter which breed you select for adoption, just keep in mind that they all need proper care, affection and your attention. Try to understand what these pretty creatures are unable to tell you.