How to make your own DIY Pet First-aid Box

How to make your own DIY Pet First-aid Box


How would you care for your cat if it fell off a height? Or if your dog gets burned while playing in your kitchen?


In these situations, we should be thoughtful about first-aid. This can help save your buddy’s life.


First aid is usually the first, immediate form of treatment or help you can provide your pet who may be going through a major or minor injury/illness. 


Although it is not an alternative for professional treatment, it can help you rescue your pet until a vet can take the situation in their own hands.


One key factor for pet care is having a pet first aid box in your home at all times. 


Here are some items to add to your very own pet DIY box:


  • Towels and wipes – for cleaning


  • Plasters of different sizes – to cover injuries and fractures


  • Non-stick bandages – these will not stick with the fur/coat


  • Adhesive tape, safety pins – for securing bandage


  • Cotton balls or swaps – for wrapping bandages and cleaning


  • Gloves – to handle wounds and dirt
  • Scissors – cutting bandages, tape etc.


  • Pain-killers – to ease pain


  • Thermometer – for checking temperature verbally


  • Hydrogen peroxide – for cleaning wounds and inducing vomiting


  • Dropper – to treat mouth injuries, feed and flush wounds


  • Antiseptic cream – healing wounds against infection


  • Pet shampoo – to clean 


  • Saline solution – to clean wounds, eyes etc.


  • Ice -pack – to cool burns and ease inflammation


  • Hot water bottle – for warming 


(Alternative: door mats, boards, boxes)


Make sure to check the expiration dates of the items regularly and add new items that have been used up. Also keep it out of reach of children and pets.