Why my Pet is Pooping Blood?

We all check out our Pet faeces, as disgusting as it can be. And, in truth, inspecting the faeces of your Pet is a very good routine to get into.Pet  poop (or “stool”) will tell us a great deal about the Health of a Pet.

One of the first signs of disease can be changes in the colour, quality, and frequency of your  Pet’s  faeces. Why is your Pet pooping blood?

It is disturbing to see blood in the faeces of your Pet, and it can be triggered by several distinct things.

Eating unhealthy food or going to a new food.

Bloody faeces may be the product of something that damages the digestive system of your Pet (this can occur anywhere in the stomach, small intestine, colon, or anal region).

When to visit the vet:

See a doctor as soon as possible if your Pet passes blood from their stools and vomits.

Loss of fluid by vomiting can lead to severe and life-threatening dehydration, along with blood and fluid in the stool. This may also be a symptom of an underlying condition that is more severe.

Will my Pet die of pooping blood?

Yes, it may be life-threatening if the loss of blood through the digestive tract is severe, or it is associated with significant fluid loss through vomiting or diarrhoea.

If your Pet starts blood pooping and exhibits some of these signs as well,

1.It seems  frail or lethargic,

2.Gums that are pale (white or pale pink instead of a normal salmon pink color)

3.Over vomiting

4.To deny food or water

5.Becomes unresponsive

6.This may be a more serious sign of shock and sickness.