How to keep your pet warm in cold weather?

Cold weather usually brings the problem like hypothermia i.e. low temperature and arthritis (inflammation of joints) in pets. The normal temperature of dog and cat is 102F but in cold weather it can drop to 98F in cold weather which can worse the dog condition but this all can be controlled by few tips.


Here are few of the tips through which you can maintain the temperature of your pet.

  • First of all, you need to be aware of your pets’ condition. A dog with heavy fur coat like Siberian husky have good tolerance to dogs but dogs with short hair coat like Labrador can be sensitive to cold. Similarly, short bellied and short leg dogs or cats can have less adaptability to cold weather and theirs chance are great of lowering body temperature as body is more in contact with ground.Similarly, the pets who have hormonal imbalance, renal failures, diabetes have great chance of low body temperature. In this very case, the recommended protocol is to visit the vet to help you in taking care of your pet in cold weather. For this the best clinic to visit is
  • Pets are mostly fond of sitting on the window side. Moreover, during cold weather, they seek cosy areas as like humans, they also feel cold. In this very case, they will sit on the corners of house. It’s better to keep these areas carpeted as the contact with floor will low their body temperature. If once you have carpeted the area, the body will not come in contact with the bare floor and body temperature will be maintained.
  • It’s a myth that your pet doesn’t feel cold, they do. It is better to keep your pet inside or at least provide them with the room where they can sit. Providing your pet with the warm room will lower their chances of reducing the body temperature.
  • Reduce the time of walk if it’s a dog. Your pet paws should be kept warm. A cold paw will reduce the entire body temperature. It is better to buy socks for your pet either it is a dog or a cat. Keep your pet belly covered with either a shirt or a sweater. You can also buy the beds for your pet where it can sleep. You can easily buy it online from,
  • Always try to understand what your pet is saying. The most common way your pet communicates with you is through their body language. During cold weather if your pet sneezes, shivers, seems anxious, it means they are feeling cold. Get them warm place as soon as possible or if it prevails, take them to the vet.
  • During cold weather, your pet feed changes. As compared to warm weather, when your pet feed is less, in cold weather you need to feed your pet more calories. Don’t over fed them but keep a special check on diet. A little extra weight will help your pet to stay warm as its metabolism will be fast and thus body temperature will be maintained.
  • Keep a luke warm water in your pets drinking water bowl. During weather, your pet needs for water reduces and they usually take less water but make sure that whenever they drink water, it must be luke warm.