How To Give Bath To Your Pet

You may like taking a  bath but your pet don’t like it at all. Unfortunately, grooming your pet is a necessary evil.It keeps you pet’s coat healthy and dirt free, reduces shedding and minimize the chances of skin infection and allergies.

Keep in mind the following things while giving bath to your pet.


Use lukewarm water. Too hot or too cold water may create a negative bath time experience resulting in resistance.


Don’t use human shampoo as your pet’s skin has a different pH balance than humans. Use brands specifically formulated for cats or dogs.


Actively massage the shampoo in your pet’s fur for 4-5 minutes. Avoid the shampoo from entering the eyes.You may use wash cloth for face.

While rinsing the ears, till your pet’s head to keep water from entering into the ear canal.


Gently squeeze the fur using a towel and pull out as much water as possible.


Brush your pet after drying, only if fur is not tangled.If your dog or cat has tangled fur , take him to a professional groomer first.

Routine brushing at least 3 times a week is recommended.


Bathe your pet once in a month. Too often bath can strip away the natural oils in your pet’s coat and cause skin irritation.