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How to stop your Cat From Scratching Furniture?

Think of it as a feline manicure!! Your cat doesn’t scratch your furniture or carpets to upset you, she scratches to clean the exterior sheath of her nails, remove cuticles and to sharpen her claws. As you can’t stop your cat from scratching, there’s a lot you can do to protect your furniture. Here are […]

All you want to know about Catnip

Catnip or catmint , your common domestic kitty just can’t seem to get enough of this fragrant herb. Research shows that cats big and small adore this weedy, invasive member of the mint family.             Catnip Effects: Catnip’s charm is in its volatile oil, specifically one chemical in that oil nepetalactone. Found in catnip’s leaves, stems, […]

Does Your Cat Need A Covered Litter Box?

If there’s one thing that unites all cat owners, it is the knowledge that cleaning your cat’s litter is always a chore. No matter what happens, no owner enjoys the experience, but there are a lot of options in regards to litter, litter boxes, and dozens of other products that can make it easier or […]

Signs your cat is in heat

Estrus cycle or the process of being in heat is a phenomena during which queen (female cat) is sexually active or is ready to mate. Through this process, cats produce their litter. It is a natural phenomena which is under the influence of hormones and is observed in during a several times in a season. […]

Why dog poops in the house?

Dogs are most of the time potty trained. Mostly they manage to poop when they are taken out for walk but in some conditions they poop inside. Sometimes, when dog is newly adopted or is brought to a new place, they poop in the vicinity of the home or that area. Few are the reasons […]

What Paracetamol does to your pet?

Paracetamol is a common pain reliever which is commonly used in humans.Almost all the drugs used in humans are also used in animals but there are few drugs which are not recommended for use in pets among which paracetamol is the most commonly reported. Why paracetamol is not recommended in pets.? In humans, within the […]

Why dog is attached to one person more than other?

  ” A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than you love yourself.” Dogs are the best friends of human.They are the symbol of affection,loyalty and are used for security purposes. Yet, among all, dog loves a specific person more than others. Have you ever wondered why is it so? Early […]

How animals should be treated according to Islamic readings

Animals have always been an amusement to human beings. The bond between animals and humans bring positive results on both creatures. Where animals get shelter, food and love from humans, on the other side, humans get amusement, affection and unconditional love from animals. But still people exist in this era who treats animals unethically. Today […]

How to keep your pet warm in cold weather?

Cold weather usually brings the problem like hypothermia i.e. low temperature and arthritis (inflammation of joints) in pets. The normal temperature of dog and cat is 102F but in cold weather it can drop to 98F in cold weather which can worse the dog condition but this all can be controlled by few tips.   […]

Seizures in dogs

What happens during seizures? On the start of seizure, the dog will fall on one side. His body will become stiffened, he will chop his jaw and all of the four limbs will be in continuous motion. He can also urinate or can pass motion during this phase or will vocalize continuously. Seizures may last […]